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Texas Locksmith License # B28610001

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We service all types of safes including American-made gun safes, combination home safes, jewelry safes, wall safes, floor safes, and large commercial safes. If you’re having a problem with your safe or simply need a combination change, no matter what type of safe you have, the professionals at Gaither’s Lock & Safe in Georgetown can help.

Can’t Get Your Safe Open Or You’ve Forgotten the Combination?

images of safe work we've done

Here’s a look at some of our recent safe jobs (L to R): a dial combination lock we disassembled, cleaned, and reinstalled; a large built-in safe we opened when the combination was lost; and a floor safe we reset the combination on.

In the unfortunate event you get locked out of your safe, don’t try to solve the problem on your own. Doing so could lead to permanent damage to the safe or your valuables. Our locksmiths are trained to gain entry to a safe using the most efficient methods:

Manipulating the Safe

This is our preferred method for opening your gun safe. While this method takes a little longer than other methods, it will result in no damage to your safe or valuables. We will determine that the unlocking process is on the right track by listening for the sound that is made when the driver pin hits the notch on the flywheel. Once that sound is identified, we’ll be able to manipulate the safe and open it.

Drilling the Safe

We can drill the safe to open it. This method is a lot faster than manipulation, but it does cause some minor cosmetic damage. A small hole is drilled into the lock and an instrument is inserted into the drilled hole so we can see how the lock works to open the safe. Many safes these days come with added security that makes bypassing the lock much more difficult which means this method is not always the best option to open the safe.

Scoping the Safe

If we are aware that there are additional security measures in place, then we will opt to scope the safe. This method is very similar to drilling the safe with the only difference being the use of a borescope which is inserted into a small hole to allow us to see the internal makeup of the lock. We’ll be able to scope out the security measures and work to bypass them as triggering them could cause damage to the safe.

Consult With Mentors

Throughout our years of experience and training, we always consult with mentors. If there’s a safe we’re unsure about, we have resources throughout the Country and the locksmith trade that can assist us with the right information. We always do our research before cutting or drilling. Our goal is to learn about the safes internal mechanisism, the orientation of the safe lock, what the safe’s body is made of. Once we know enough information, we are more confident in our ability to professionally defeat the safe and help you gain entry.

Expert Safe Service You Can Trust

When you need a reliable safe locksmith, then look no further than Gaither’s Lock & Safe. Our Georgetown locksmiths are trained and insured which means you’ll get superior service at a fair price. No matter if you need a gun-safe locksmith or home home-safe locksmith, we’ve got you covered. We work with reputable brands and can work on any safe including Liberty Safe, Sentry Safe, Amsec Safe, Champion Safe, and Hollon Safe.

We can unlock a safe, perform a safe combination change, and repair safe locks. Our family-owned and operated company is a mobile locksmith company with over 10 years of experience. We pride ourselves on honing our skills to provide the best possible locksmith services for residents of Williamson County, Texas.

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