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Texas Locksmith License # B28610001

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image of a car door lock being picked with professional tools

If you lock your keys in your car we can pick the lock quickly and safely and get you back on the road.

Gaither’s Lock & Safe offers Georgetown, TX lockout services that are second to none. No matter where you find yourself locked out, be it your home, office, or car, we will promptly come to you and take care of the problem.

Auto Lockout Service

Getting locked out of your car is frustrating and it can leave you feeling panicked. These feelings are even more so if you are in a strange place. You may feel stranded and left wondering what to do next. Out of desperation, your first thought might be to try and break a window or pick a lock. Unfortunately, both methods are very damaging to your car and can require expensive repairs. If you ever find yourself locked out of your car, just call Gaither’s Lock & Safe. We will come to you with our convenient mobile service and you’ll be on your way in no time. We can pop a lock without causing any damage to your car so that you can get on with more important things.

Get Help When You’re Locked Out Of Your Business

Perhaps you’ve forgotten your keys to your office or you’ve lost them. There’s no need to miss a day’s work just because you’re locked out of your office. All you need to do is call the commercial locksmith professionals at Gaither’s Lock & Safe. We have the tools to safely and efficiently unlock your office and get you in so you can start your busy day at work.

Safe Locked? We Can Gain Entry To Your Gun Safe

image of a small safe that we opened and then repaired the keypad

The owner of this safe had forgotten the combination, so we opened it, then replaced the digital keypad, and set a new combination.

If you have a safe in your home or office, then there’s always a chance that you’ll be unable to open the safe. If this happens you might be tempted to pick the lock or take more extreme measures such as cutting the lock open to get to your valuables. Without proper training, picking the lock can damage your safe and will need to be repaired if the safe is to work properly again. Cutting the lock open could render your safe unusable. Rather than causing unnecessary damage to your safe, contact the safe opening professionals at Gaither’s Lock & Safe. We have the proper tools to quickly open your safe without causing any damage.

Residential Lockout Service When You’re Locked Out Of Your Home

It happens to everyone at some time or another. You arrive home and start looking for your keys only to find you are locked out of your house with no way in. You might be inclined to knock out a window or pick your lock. Taking such extreme measures might get you back into your home, but then you’ll be left with expensive repairs for the damage you caused. Your better option is to call Gaither’s Lock & Safe. We have the necessary tools to open your lock without causing damage.

The Licensed Lockout Service Near You

If you’re in need of Georgetown lockout service, then you need to contact Gaither’s Lock & Safe. We are a mobile locksmith with over 10 years of experience. Our family-owned and operated company takes pride in the fact that we are constantly honing our skills to provide the best possible locksmith service for residents of Williamson County, Texas, and surrounding areas. No matter what your locksmith needs are, Gaither’s Lock & Safe will take care of you, so contact us today. Our locksmiths are skilled and insured which means you’ll get superior service at a fair price.

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