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Texas Locksmith License # B28610001

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image of a lock cylinder that's been removed so it can be rekeyed

We can rekey all your home locks, indoors and out, and it’s an affordable option for replacing the entire lock.

When it comes to the safety of your home, your first line of defense is the security of your home. The safety of your family and property is a top priority, therefore you need a residential locksmith you can trust. Gaither’s Lock & Safe can assist you with every aspect of your residential locksmith needs.

Rekey Your Home Locks When Your Move In

If you want your new keys to work with your existing locks, Gaither’s Lock & Safe can help you with that. We’ll determine if your locks are in good working order. If we find a problem, then we’ll suggest lock repair or new lock installation. But, if we find there are no problems with your locks, then we’ll rekey the locks. To rekey your locks, we’ll do the following:

  • Remove the doorknob.
  • Disassemble the lock.
  • Remove the pins and replace them with new ones that match the grooves in the new key.

There are several reasons why you might want to rekey your locks. If you believe your keys have been lost or stolen, or you have tenants moving out, or your home has been burglarized, rekeying makes sense in such situations.

Upgrade Your Locks With Smart Lock Installation

image of a young woman operation a Schlage smart lock with digital keypad

We can install a wide variety of Smart Locks on your home doors including ones like this Schlage model with a matching handle.

If you want to take the security of your home to a whole new level, then you should consider smart locks installation. We can install smart locks for your home that will work with an application that you download to your smartphone. This allows you to control the locks on your home no matter where you are. A smart lock is comprised of three basic components which are the wireless transceiver, the locking mechanism, and the motor. These components work together to keep your home safe and secure. Our professionals will ensure the smart lock is compatible with your existing deadbolt. Once compatibility is verified, the locksmith will install the smart lock. We’ll ensure the lock is in good working order before we leave the property.

Emergency Home Lockout Service

Almost everyone experiences the frustration of getting locked out of their house. If this happens to you, you might try to break into your own home by busting a window or picking the lock. Trying to gain entry to your home in such a manner will do more harm than good because the repairs for a broken window or lock can be quite expensive.

Your best option is to call Gaither’s Lock & Safe. We’ll come to you promptly and use the proper tools to safely and efficiently unlock doors and get you back into your home without causing damage to your home.

Our Other Residential Services We Provide

The professionals at Gaither’s Lock & Safe can take care of all your residential needs, including deadlocks, padlocks, digital door locks, patio door locks, sliding door locks, door adjustments, hardware installations, high-security locks, stand-alone electronic locks, and mortise lock repairs.

We work with only reputable brands including Schlage Locks, Emtek Locks, Strike Master II, and Everest. No matter what your needs are, Gaither’s Lock & Safe will take care of you.

before and after images of an outdoor gate that we installed a coded lock on.

As a full-service locksmith, we can even tackle jobs like installing coded locks on your outdoor residential and commercial gates. This is the Before and After of a recent residential job we completed.

Licensed & Professional Service You Can Count On

All of our locksmiths are trained, skilled, and insured which means you can expect quality services at fair prices. Gaither’s Lock & Safe is a family-owned and operated company with over 10 years of experience. We pride ourselves on honing our skills to provide the best possible locksmith service for residents of Williamson County, TX.

Our convenient mobile service is available to residents of Georgetown, TX, and the surrounding areas. The locksmiths at Gaither’s Lock & Safeg are available any time of the day or night and for an emergency. The next time you need superior locksmith services, give Gaither’s Lock & Safe a call.

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